Bogoslovskij Vestnik

The «Bogoslovskij Vestnik» is a mass medium intended for publications on academic topics developed in the MthA. It includes the main results of dissertational research for the academic degree of a doctor and candidate degree, as well as publications of original academic materials of interest to socio- humanitarian science that have theoretical and practical significance.

The «Bogoslovskij Vestnik» is a periodical, specializing in the publication of academic research in the field of the Enlarged Specialty Group 48.00.00 «Theology». The journal is published by the Moscow Theological Academy since 1892 with a break from 1919 to 1992. The resumption of the publication occurred in 1993. Since 2016 the Bogoslovskij Vestnik has been published on a regular basis, it publishes materials on a wide range of problems in the field of theology, history of the Christian Church, history of philosophy and religious studies. Each issue features reviews on the latest scientific literature published in Russia and abroad.

The journal is published four times a year with a total volume of 40 to 80 author's sheets (from 600 to 1200 pages). A new edition of the Bogoslovskij Vestnik presupposes the publication of the journal at intervals of four times a year.
The Bogoslovsky Vestnik journal is included in the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RINC). Articles of the journal are taken into account in the authors' rating as publications in a peer-reviewed journal with a non-zero impact factor.
All publications of the journal are indexed in RINC since 1993 and are available for free download in pdf format on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library (NEB) - eLIBRARY.RU

We will be glad to see your research papers, articles and publications on the pages of our academic journal.

The volume of the article or publication - preferably up to 1 printed sheet (40 thousand characters).

The articles are to be accompanied by an abstract (minimum 150 words) and keywords in Russian and English, which the author supplies himself.

The e-mail address of the editorial staff of the «Bogoslovskij Vestnik» is vestnik@mpda.ru.

Division of the journal:

Part I: Studies, articles and publications

Biblical studies: articles with studies on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as well as patristic exegesis.

Theology: articles from the field of Theology, as well as studies on the works of the Holy Fathers of the Church.

Church history: articles on a wide range of topics in the field of church-wide history.

Church-practical section: articles with research on the topics of the Orthodox Church service, Canon law, pastoral care and church singing.

Philology: articles with research on the theoretical issues of church writing and literature.

History and Art History: publications on Byzantine and Old Russian church architecture, iconography and authority.

Part II: Works of the Holy Fathers and Christian literature in Russian translation

Part III: Reports, homilies, sermons and speeches, archival materials.

Part IV: Criticism, reviews, notes, bibliography.

Part V: Chronicle and Reports.

Note: In the case of a rubrication, it is possible to allocate additional headings for subjects, for example, Liturgics.

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